Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Just because you often ask about such things

I truly wonder if some of the learning disabilities remain undiagnosed until late because of bottle feeding and the propping “no-no”?  At 5 months the baby gets easily distracted and even the most intent of nursing babies has to be coaxed back on the breast, if a good conversation or a new person walks into the room.  
    I remember the wonder of reading about it in the LaLeche books and then experiencing the reality of it with my own children and in the nursing mothers rooms at church.  There was a lesson in patience for the schedule oriented mommy and the attention that the child gained from these unexpected changes in plans seemed to grow the relationship.
I also wonder about the development of focus, direction and persistence.  Are these qualities affected at all by the parental closeness in that bond?
Kids are resilient, my mom would say.  They are who they are, no matter the ingredients of food and such.  Health wise, it may matter,but developmentally may be hard to prove. If you have the patience and perseverance to nurse up to 5 months, you probably think there is little difference in the relationship one way or the other.  But 5 months marks a tremendous turning point, should you choose to continue past there.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

'Twas the week of Graduation and

There is more to thank God for than ever.  What a miracle trip into the realms of education this has been?   How amazingly protected and supported by friends and family that you have been?   The fact that this has been the very first call to come and get you, even though that is not what you said is e testimony to His mercy enduring forever!

"He has given His angels charge over your steps" in every way.  God is to be praised for all of the moves in and out of the dorms...Semester in and semester out.  Friends and family keeping you in their prayers and helping in every way.  Truly God has ordered your steps in a good path.  He is amazing!

You have expanded your mind and your opportunities and God is clearly preparing the way before you.  Make plans to give Him from the first fruit even of your education.  Look at this as a greater debt to God for all His benefits toward you.   "What shall I render unto God for all of His mercies? I will take he cup of salvation and call upo the name of the Lord.  Look to God for His direction as to How to begin your spiritual "loan repayment", as well as your financial one.  God can use your testimony and your brothers and sisters can be blessed by what you've accomplished as well.

Remember the Lord in your rejoicing.  I am!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

What is 6 times 3 Evelyn?

Days of blessing come quietly, as do days of adversity! I hope that I didn't sabotage your mathematical pursuits by encouraging you to spout out in front of the others your one mathematical accomplishment to the shame of your studious sisters.

You always did spout it out and now we are in 2018 and yesterday was 3/6/18. The day made me remember the memorizing of math facts as we sat in the car waiting for a busy, late Daddy, again. Nobody noticed it was 3 times 6 day. I did!

It was a day that seemed to belong to my Evvi. This is your year and your day to shine and I do hope that you do!
By the way, what is 3 times 6, Ev?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Beauty Queens!

Are you safe? Are you whole? Are you well?

Horton hears a who
Horton was holding the entire Whoville apart from their demise and asked were they well. I feel almost like that with you this far away from home.

What a sad day for those parents in Florida when a crazy person wickedly sets himself upon doing a dastardly deed? I simply cannot imagine the anger and the fear and the anguish of those poor children and their parents. It is beyond belief that they have had to go through this horror at school. I am sure that you, like me are brooding in prayer with the hearts of these suffering people in your every thought and prayer, as they endure this great trial. May God give them comforts and rest in their great pain and loss. The loss of security, life, peace and safety are not small things to lose. Let us not take for granted the good days and the times of comfort and rest that we enjoy. Let us thank God everyday that we are enjoying apart from catastrophes happening personal and corporate. Let us be grateful and let us hold these fellow Americans up to the only hope of comfort in these trying times.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

In Sync with the Spirit?

The Holy Spirit clearly woke you and moved upon you to call us, so that Ezzy wouldn't be late for school. He is amazing. Isn't He?

Well, it wasn't my mommy's birthday until today and God used you so much to prepare me for the sibling rivalry which is always the feeling when I call my mommy. I have very accomplished siblings and the exhortations that you gave me were in preparation for the eldest child jealousy that is always alive in my heart. You said to me, "I am so sick of you eldest children always having to be first." That was a reproof that found it's target deep in my soul and kept me from the instigation of harmful banter which is sometimes my habit when I talk to my sisters or my mother. We are like cats sometimes scratching each other and we don't mean it. God used you to declaw me before I finally called my mother, yesterday.

I called her and she was on the phone with Ju, which is a constant{I should be jealous}. I am not jealous, but I have carved my identity as being counter Ju in calling. Jackie is my mother's provoker to earthly effectiveness. She, like yourself, has my mother's ear for counsel on earthly things and I have found my purpose in yesterday's conversation, because of my conversation with you. I said, I can find a place of encouragement to my mommy, like Evie did to me. I had given up on finding that kind of place, for the burden of conflict that has been our history. Yesterday, however, we found a place of common ground in the most unlikely place: the place of wormwood! I shared my observations from scripture and she shared her observations and it seemed that God had paved that path for us through the Screwtape Letters. She had her copy right next to her bed, like you do and we were finding common expression through years of disjointed expression and misunderstandings. We have always talked well, but I have taken the posture of daughter and receiver and not of instructor, because of the intimidation. I feel that my heart has taken a place of encouragement to be more assertive. I was so blessed by my daughters all challenging me on so many levels that it made me more desire to be like that with my mother. I'm glad we've lived long enough to sense this growth to peer-like challenges.